Art in your garden

Giardino a VeneziaThis past year, I have been inspired by contemporary art at the Venice Biennale, the Asia Pacific Triennale and the Sydney Biennale. Greedy, I know. It’s been quite an Alice in Wonderland experience. Much of the art has been completely surprising, charming, challenging, and wheting the appetite to see more. Art in our homes adds wonderful style and character so why not consider art in your garden design too? It can turn an ordinary garden into a breathtaking one. Art in a landscape design can add a focal point, create a view, add charm and interest, make a statement and even feed your soul. Brilliant.

In fact, Scientists at University College London confirmed that looking at something beautiful really can make us happier, by stimulating dopamine in our brains. And research shows that great art and design can even induce the same brain activity as being in love. Wow.

Why not see if you can include art in your garden? The choice is often quite subjective, but your art must still be compatible with the style and size of your garden. You might like old metal work as sculpture, bold lasercut screens or even street art or signage. There may be a colour or concept that links to art indoors. Consider the unexpected or unusual.

Most importantly, look for art that you will love, that will lift your spirits and that will make your garden an even more special place to be.




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