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Indoor Gardens

Does your house need an update? Well, here’s the good news. Green is in! You can refresh your home with everything from cooling patio gardens to yummy herb and veggie gardens. And to really get with it these days, it’s all about fabulous indoor plants. Indoor plants are great company indoors. They absorb chemicals and […]

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Cottage garden update

This house has quite large proportions (fabulous) and now, new back gardens enhance it beautifully. However, once upon a time, the back gardens were small and cottage style. The yard was dominated by an old brick garage and a large swimming pool. Worn tracks across the back lawn called for some new paving… and soon. […]

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Create your own garden oasis

Although the literal meaning of oasis is a green spot in the desert, it can also be used to describe a refuge, a relief or a pleasant change. With another long, hot summer stretching ahead of us, it’s a great time to create your own fresh and inviting garden oasis. With a little creativity, you […]

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Small space gardens

A recent trip to Venice has given me renewed enthusiasm for small gardens, secret gardens and gardening for pleasure. With a little planning, courtyards, terraces and balconies can be gorgeous private garden retreats. The design of small garden is crucial. The aim is to make the most of the limited space and maximise the sense of […]

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Celebrate the seasons with deciduous trees

Garden designs should take into account seasonal changes that occur in the garden and maximise the differences between Summer and Winter environments. Autumn colour is glorious as trees and climbers turn from green to warmer hues of yellow, orange and fiery red. And it’s a great time now to think about planting deciduous trees as […]

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Designing Drought Tolerant Gardens

Believe it or not, now is the time to start thinking about how you can use less water in your garden. You will be able to plan your low water garden and have it ready well before next summer arrives. Good design can help you create a delightul garden for your home while keeping it waterwise […]

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Giardino a Venezia

Art in your garden

This past year, I have been inspired by contemporary art at the Venice Biennale, the Asia Pacific Triennale and the Sydney Biennale. Greedy, I know. It’s been quite an Alice in Wonderland experience. Much of the art has been completely surprising, charming, challenging, and wheting the appetite to see more. Art in our homes adds […]

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MIFGS, Melbourne

Holiday in your garden

Now that I am back from an extended holiday in Italy (bliss), I am loving my return to garden design and garden consultancy in Perth. If you can’t take off on a perfect holiday right now, why not create your own perfect holiday garden? Just as you might plan the trip of a lifetime, you […]

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Size isn’t everything

Living in a rental property with a pocket handkerchief sized courtyard is no excuse for not having a garden. It simply means that you have to be a bit smarter in the way you tackle the problem. The answer is in being single-minded and disciplined. The first thing is to acknowledge that space is limited […]

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Colour pots

Looking for inspiration

The launch of the Open Gardens Australia 2014 Season last weekend was a wonderful reminder that gardens are great places to look for inspiration. There’s nothing like a good poke around in someone else’s garden to see different ideas and to be inspired to try something different. Here are some of the creative and interesting […]

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