Cottage garden update

This house has quite large proportions (fabulous) and now, new back gardens enhance it beautifully.

However, once upon a time, the back gardens were small and cottage style. The yard was dominated by an old brick garage and a large swimming pool. Worn tracks across the back lawn called for some new paving… and soon.

The aim was to create a classic, elegant and established style garden. The architectural detail of the back of the house was reflected in the new garden design, linking the conservatory detail to the style of the two new arbours.

A seat arbour on the back wall supports two existing Bougainvilleas. New planting will be full and strong, with large and contrasting foliage. The combination of rich textures will give a luxurious effect. The frequent touches of pink will make a pretty contrast to the mostly green garden.

The lawn area was made larger and the new layout provides better traffic flow with an elegant sense of space overall. Relocating the pool fence allowed more space for a new dining area and pergola.  Travertine pavers were a great choice for this garden. The darker shade adds to the established look, and limits the glare in full sun.

Grey paint is used on the rendered walls to add a shady garden feel. Trachelospermum jasminoides and pink Mandevillea will grow up horizontal wires, giving wonderful height without needing wide garden beds. Layers of plants at different heights will give a full effect in the narrow garden beds.

This will become a grand and generous garden that still maintains a sense of open space and volume. Ah… another happy customer!

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