Create your own garden oasis

dsc01204Although the literal meaning of oasis is a green spot in the desert, it can also be used to describe a refuge, a relief or a pleasant change.

With another long, hot summer stretching ahead of us, it’s a great time to create your own fresh and inviting garden oasis. With a little creativity, you could transform a small area into a cool and peaceful retreat.

Choose a quiet and shady spot. Perhaps under a tree, the far side of a patio or the south side of a structure.

First things first, install a comfortable seat or daybed. You may need this during the work in progress. It will be the perfect spot to plan, review and rest during the undertaking. Add chubby, soft cushions in a dark green botanical print – already it looks a bit like a garden! And, perhaps a side table for a snack and a cool drink.

Next, you will need a significant proportion of greenery. It’s the trees, shrubs and low plants that really make a garden oasis. Simply by using more plants, you can improve the microclimate, and create an absolute haven from the heat.

Layer the levels of your planting, high and low, and mass plant in groups of at least three or five. Use large pots to add extra levels of planting. Mix tall and trailing varieties for a really generous look. Always use the best soils and water retention products to keep it looking good.

Surround the seating with mostly lush, dark green foliage. Magnolia, Frangipani, Star Jasmine and Philodendrons, all create a luxurious and relaxed look. Add scented plants, such as Gardenias, and you’re in heaven.

You can create your own peaceful garden paradise. It can be your cool retreat, whenever the heat is on.

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