Designing Drought Tolerant Gardens

FB-001Believe it or not, now is the time to start thinking about how you can use less water in your garden. You will be able to plan your low water garden and have it ready well before next summer arrives. Good design can help you create a delightul garden for your home while keeping it waterwise and low maintenance.

One of the first priorities in a hot, dry climate is shade. While man-made shade is great, it’s much cooler under the shade of a tree.   You should have at least one good sized tree included in your garden design. A grove of smaller, deciduous trees is a brilliant idea too. They will look dense and cool in summer and still let the sun shine through during winter.

A little lawn is cool too, but too much lawn is a waste of water. There is a range of great drought tolerant ground covers that make excellent waterwise lawn substitutes.

When it comes to plants, grouping those with like needs is one of the keys to successful low water gardening. Design garden beds that keep plants with similar water needs together so they can be maintained and watered more efficiently. Don’t forget to improve the soil to increase its water holding capacity and mulch to reduce water loss.

For at least part of your garden, you can choose plants that are tolerant of dry conditions. Local native species, succulents, grasses and cacti are all good choices. Their range of colours and textures are a designer’s dream.

Everyone can use less water in the garden. Good garden design will help you create a great looking garden using the lowest amount of water.

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