Holiday in your garden

Now that I am back from an extended holiday in Italy (bliss), I am loving my return to garden design and garden consultancy in Perth.

If you can’t take off on a perfect holiday right now, why not create your own perfect holiday garden?

Just as you might plan the trip of a lifetime, you can start dreaming of the most idyllic places! Would you choose a tropical resort style, country style or perhaps even a 5 star hotel style? Will you be relaxing in the latest poolside luxury or would you prefer something simpler? Perhaps your desire is a more rustic Mediterranean style garden, complete with café setting and a wine cooler?

You can research pictures and ideas that will help you to visualise the holiday garden of your dreams. Imagine all the elements that would surround you. Try our Pinterest boards for inspiration.

MIFGS, Melbourne

MIFGS, Melbourne

Perhaps it would be truly restful, so comfy seats with footstools or even a daybed and a good book would be in order. If you’d like it to be cool in summer and sunny and warm in winter, you could bring in extra layers of greenery and deciduous trees to create the perfect microclimate. Of course, it would be completely refreshing and not like home at all, so why not introduce something unexpected and delightfully exotic as a special treat for yourself? It’s a holiday garden after all.

So, think about your next holiday. Perhaps you need a garden consultancy and not a travel agent? In your new holiday garden, you could take a welcome break everyday.

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