Indoor Gardens

Does your house need an update? Well, here’s the good news. Green is in!

You can refresh your home with everything from cooling patio gardens to yummy herb and veggie gardens. And to really get with it these days, it’s all about fabulous indoor plants.

Indoor plants are great company indoors. They absorb chemicals and purify the air to make us feel better. And they can look fabulous with any style décor. Here’s a few tips on how make your indoor gardens look great and thrive.

First of all, do think about the style of your home. You can add to the overall effect with your choice of pots and plants. For example, luxury style needs grand pots and plants, retro style means funky colours and old fashioned plants, and cottage style needs, well, cottage style… that’s small scale plants and pots in pretty colours.

I always recommend bullet-proof plants to begin with. Sansevieria (Mother in law’s tongue) will grow in a cupboard and is almost impossible to kill.

You could also try Monstera deliciosa, Aspidistra (Cast Iron Plant) or Spathiphyllum Sensation. A collection of easy care succulents is an great option too. Ask at your local nursery or look in their shade house for the best quality you can find.

Indoor plants are such a fabulous idea, don’t stop with just one. Be generous, make an impact and group a few together. Position them in well-lit areas, but not too close to windows. (The direct sunlight can burn leaves and temperatures can be too cold by the window for some plants.) Use a stylish pot stand to find the perfect spot.

Make sure you put a saucer underneath for drainage and to protect the surface and try not to overwater them. You can check on your plants regularly and only give them a drink when they are quite dry.

Indoor plants really add style to any room. Perhaps you could do more in the bathroom or the bedroom?

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