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The launch of the Open Gardens Australia 2014 Season last weekend was a wonderful reminder that gardens are great places to look for inspiration. There’s nothing like a good poke around in someone else’s garden to see different ideas and to be inspired to try something different.

Here are some of the creative and interesting ideas that have got us thinking in recent months.

One of the fundamColour potsentals of excellent garden design is adding vibrancy and interest in the garden. There are many simple ways to do this, such as adding a splash of highlight colour. These brilliant orange pots resonate beautifully with the flower colour in the background.

Colour affects the mood and ambience of a space. For example, using turquoise and white create a cool, fresh and inviting space. Picking up the highlight colour and repeating it in other elements, such as the foliage and water reflections, creates an appealing rhythm in the garden design.

Plants can be used in landscape designs to create a painterly effect. Contrast in foliage form and colour can generate excitement and interest in the garden. A strong gesture in the colour or the quantity of plants will create a dramatic effect. There is no limit to what you can achieve with the creative use of plants. Consider plants as a paint box and explore how you can create your own pictures.

An artistic garden Human potsdesign will happily accommodate pieces of art within the appropriately designed setting. Every single element contributes to the composition of the space. Even the smallest garden area can benefit from a harmonious artistic touch. These pieces have an almost human quality in their form and attitude.

Vertical decoration can come in many forms. These red poles make a great artwork along the perimeter fence. At first glance, they could be stems of red bamboo, but when you look more closely you realise that they are added decoration. You can use small creative ideas like this to bring your garden to life.

The same kind of simRed polesple creativity can be applied to horizontal surfaces. In this garden, a diagonal bed of fine leafed Lomandra forms an eye-catching stripe through the lawn, echoing the stripes in the decking, and adding texture and interest to the garden.


You can find interBasket caseesting new ways to add herbs and vegies to your garden. Choose containers that suit the style of your design and group them together for best effect. These containers have great drainage and they are easy to move around the garden.

You can always find another spot to put a plant. A beautiful display of painted terracotta pots can decorates a dull space. They would be great for herbs, or party decoration too.

You can even add vases outdoors to display garden treats. Gather interesting foliage and flowers to create an everchanging show of botanical interest.

Gardening should dTeapotsefinitely be everyone’s cup of tea. Be inspired by garden ideas from all kinds of different places and find creative new endeavours for your own garden.

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